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Celebrating 100 Posts on TGFE

100 posts – What a milestone!! It’s weird to think that I’ve been writing, coding and snapping pictures for The Girl From Everywhere for almost two years now. I started this blog as a class project at uni and never imagined how much I would enjoy the creative process of constructing blog posts. My life has changed significantly since October 2013, and I’ve been #TrulyBlessed to see some incredible things, and so, to celebrate I’m highlighting my Top 10 vacations since TGFE started.

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Culture Shock – Australian Airports

Never in my life did I think I would experience a culture shock in Australia – Nothing about this country feels any different than the United States (other than that there are ZERO crazy Trump supporters, so they one up us there). We both speak English, both are modern, established and democratic, and yet – we have one major difference that sets us very far apart. Terrorism.

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