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Childhood summers in Egypt

I was in my dad’s office last week, when I noticed for the first time, a set of photo albums on the top shelf of his bookcase that I thought I maybe recognized. I pulled them down and stumbled upon countless photos from the late 90’s, when my dad was working in Egypt and my brother and I were spending our summers there, riding camel-back to the Giza Pyramids and taking Nile cruises to ancient temples. The perfect throwback post, no?!

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Thank You Turkish Airlines

Now usually I don’t do this but uh…Go head’ on and break ’em off wit a lil’ previews of the remix
(800 bonus points if you know this reference)

That was my way of telling you that I’m switching things up with my blog post today, inspired by early 2000’s R&B (AKA THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME). But I digress…what I’m actually here to discuss is an international crisis not even the UN could solve, but somehow, the internet did…

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Road Trip Recap {I’ve Moved To…..}

Change, change, change. I feel like I’m always going on and on about change on here. How often am I going to type the words, “My life is changing” and that “I’m excited about it” or “It’s over and it was amazing”. And yet, here I am again: I moved! My life has changed. And the move “is over and was amazing” and “I am excited about it”.

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