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Movies to Inspire Wanderlust

So, I’m pretty sure the existence of this blog solidifies my love for travel. What I haven’t covered yet is how much I love movies, particularly when these two things overlap. My favorite films are those that occur overseas and take me on a virtual vacation, no jet lag or airport required.

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Pros and Cons of an International Intern Program

Now that I’ve been back a while, I tend to assume people are sick of hearing of my time in Australia, but mostly I find people are curious; it’s not very often that someone my age picks up and moves overseas to work, so people have a lot of questions about it. I figure if the people I know in real life have these questions, so do people online, so I threw together this little post with extensive details about an international intern program, including pros and cons.

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TGFE City Guide: Queenstown, New Zealand

I dream of visiting endless cities around the world, but I have a few key places I have always dreamed of visiting – one of which is Queenstown. My dad visited and came home with dreamy stories of wineries, scenic views and grand rainforest adventures. When I found out I was going to intern in Australia for 6 months, (so close to NZ!!) I knew I was going. When a few interns expressed interest in joining, we went and spent 2 weeks in quaint Queenstown – a long time for such a tiny place, so now, I have tons of advice for anyone thinking of going!

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The Girl From Everywhere at The Great Barrier Reef

Everything to Know Before Visiting the Great Barrier Reef

As you’ve (hopefully) read, I recently snorkelled the Great Barrier Reef, and as I mentioned in that post (you read it yet?) it was easily one of the best days of my life. If you get the opportunity to go, I highly recommend it. But speaking from experience, setting it all up can be confusing and overwhelming (where to start??) so, to help a sista out, here’s my guide on everything you need to know before you visit the Great Barrier Reef:

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