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Childhood summers in Egypt

I was in my dad’s office last week, when I noticed for the first time, a set of photo albums on the top shelf of his bookcase that I thought I maybe recognized. I pulled them down and stumbled upon countless photos from the late 90’s, when my dad was working in Egypt and my brother and I were spending our summers there, riding camel-back to the Giza Pyramids and taking Nile cruises to ancient temples. The perfect throwback post, no?!

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Worst Flight Ever – Surprise Trip to Dallas

Soon after returning to Melbourne from New Zealand, I was back into my routine. When another Monday rolled around, I woke up expecting I’d be running to the 8:18 train and barely making into the office on time, but all of that was quickly forgotten when I answered a call from my father informing me that it was my grandfather’s last days and instead of a quick trip to work, I was in for a long haul flight to the US – a trip that would turn out to be one of the worst flight ever.

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New Zealand Hot Pools | From the post: New Zealand - Ice Bar & Hot Pools {Final Post} | The Girl from Everywhere | Travel Blog |

New Zealand – Ice Bar & Hot Pool {Final Part}

So, five posts later and my New Zealand stories are coming to end. After 10 glorious work-free days traipsing through mountains, thrashing in wild rapids, exploring rainforests, luging AND zip lining, we were ready for  a little R & R – Rum and Relaxation. To end our time in Queenstown, we bar crawled our way into an ice bar and then spent the following day recovering (and saying goodbye to this beautiful country) at a scenic mountainous hot spring.

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Mt Remarkable 5 | From the post: New Zealand - Road Trip & Puzzle World | The Girl From Everywhere

New Zealand – Road Trip & Puzzling World {Part 4}

Queenstown was amazing, but we had spent so much time in the small town, the girls and I were desperate to get out and see what else New Zealand had to offer. Sick of organized bus tours, we rented a car and found ourselves amid snow, a trippy puzzling world, sipping hot chocolate in the quaintest little town and doubling back along a freeway because of a bra fence??? (I know I have your attention now!)

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