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Celebrating 100 Posts on TGFE

100 posts – What a milestone!! It’s weird to think that I’ve been writing, coding and snapping pictures for The Girl From Everywhere for almost two years now. I started this blog as a class project at uni and never imagined how much I would enjoy the creative process of constructing blog posts. My life has changed significantly since October 2013, and I’ve been #TrulyBlessed to see some incredible things, and so, to celebrate I’m highlighting my Top 10 vacations since TGFE started.

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Cape Town: Meeting Desmond Tutu {Post 4}

Save the best for last, no? My final day in South Africa was one I will never forget; I attended a church service led by Desmond Tutu in one of the most historic & grandeur cathedrals in Cape Town (and then went to breakfast with him!) and then finally, had a heartbreaking goodbye with all of my new friends and new favorite city.

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DISA Kids in Library

Cape Town: Volunteering with Schoolchildren {Post 3}

My favorite aspect of volunteering was spending each afternoon with the kids from DISA when they got out of school. These kids had so much life, so much energy, so much potential. We aided them with homework, taught them english & maths, & generally bonded with them in the hopes to leave a good impression & be a positive influence on their lives.

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Cape Town Waterfront| From the post, "Cape Town: Robben Island" | | #TGFETravels

Cape Town: Robben Island {Post 2}

On my fourth day in South Africa, I took the day off from volunteering so I could be a tourist. I ventured down to the Waterfront, an idyllic area of the city, and spent the day at the famous Robben Island, walking along water & enjoying fantastic food.

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