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Mt Remarkable 4 | From the post: New Zealand - Road Trip & Puzzle World | The Girl From Everywhere

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy, happy, happy Thanksgiving, TGFErs! I have so much to be thankful for this year, it’s almost hard to comprehend. My last few posts have focused mostly on what struggles I’ve been dealing with, as I fight to find a job in this difficult market and question my journey, so I’m thankful this holiday has arrived just in time for me to think of all I have to be thankful for instead.

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Worst Flight Ever – Surprise Trip to Dallas

Soon after returning to Melbourne from New Zealand, I was back into my routine. When another Monday rolled around, I woke up expecting I’d be running to the 8:18 train and barely making into the office on time, but all of that was quickly forgotten when I answered a call from my father informing me that it was my grandfather’s last days and instead of a quick trip to work, I was in for a long haul flight to the US – a trip that would turn out to be one of the worst flight ever.

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Singapore Bus Tour

The best part about having guests at your house is that it forces you to do touristy things in a city you normally live in. We had family in town for the holidays in Singapore, so we joined them on a red bus tour around Singapore, which was a really great way to learn things about the city we had already lived in for a year.

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