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Mt Remarkable 4 | From the post: New Zealand - Road Trip & Puzzle World | The Girl From Everywhere

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy, happy, happy Thanksgiving, TGFErs! I have so much to be thankful for this year, it’s almost hard to comprehend. My last few posts have focused mostly on what struggles I’ve been dealing with, as I fight to find a job in this difficult market and question my journey, so I’m thankful this holiday has arrived just in time for me to think of all I have to be thankful for instead.

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Celebrating 100 Posts on TGFE

100 posts – What a milestone!! It’s weird to think that I’ve been writing, coding and snapping pictures for The Girl From Everywhere for almost two years now. I started this blog as a class project at uni and never imagined how much I would enjoy the creative process of constructing blog posts. My life has changed significantly since October 2013, and I’ve been #TrulyBlessed to see some incredible things, and so, to celebrate I’m highlighting my Top 10 vacations since TGFE started.

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TGFE City Guide: Queenstown, New Zealand

I dream of visiting endless cities around the world, but I have a few key places I have always dreamed of visiting – one of which is Queenstown. My dad visited and came home with dreamy stories of wineries, scenic views and grand rainforest adventures. When I found out I was going to intern in Australia for 6 months, (so close to NZ!!) I knew I was going. When a few interns expressed interest in joining, we went and spent 2 weeks in quaint Queenstown – a long time for such a tiny place, so now, I have tons of advice for anyone thinking of going!

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New Zealand Hot Pools | From the post: New Zealand - Ice Bar & Hot Pools {Final Post} | The Girl from Everywhere | Travel Blog |

New Zealand – Ice Bar & Hot Pool {Final Part}

So, five posts later and my New Zealand stories are coming to end. After 10 glorious work-free days traipsing through mountains, thrashing in wild rapids, exploring rainforests, luging AND zip lining, we were ready for  a little R & R – Rum and Relaxation. To end our time in Queenstown, we bar crawled our way into an ice bar and then spent the following day recovering (and saying goodbye to this beautiful country) at a scenic mountainous hot spring.

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