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Celebrating 100 Posts on TGFE

100 posts – What a milestone!! It’s weird to think that I’ve been writing, coding and snapping pictures for The Girl From Everywhere for almost two years now. I started this blog as a class project at uni and never imagined how much I would enjoy the creative process of constructing blog posts. My life has changed significantly since October 2013, and I’ve been #TrulyBlessed to see some incredible things, and so, to celebrate I’m highlighting my Top 10 vacations since TGFE started.

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I can't tell whose reaction is best here hahah

Final Bali Blog

Currently, I am sitting in the office, staring out at a rainy, Singapore afternoon wishing more than anything that I was in Bali again. It looks like blogging about it will have to suffice. The adventure continues…and ends here!

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Bali Blog #2

Welcome back! The Bali adventure continues…

While we were out exploring, we asked to visit the mountain where the Lewak coffee is made. The Nevill’s love themselves some coffee…so, when we had the opportunity to taste what is around $20 a cup in the US, to see how it’s made and to get it for local prices, we jumped at it! Also, when we heard that it’s made via animal, curiosity took over.

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Bali Beach

Spring Break in Bali

My father said to me recently, “Don’t tell me where you studied, tell me where you’ve traveled.” He didn’t make it up, but it resonates with both of us well. Spring Break was approaching, and we had booked a Bali getaway. We were excited. Then, my dad got ahold of Brycen, and we figured out his spring break lined up with ours and that he would be joining us. We were really excited.

Bali was the vacation of a lifetime – it’s a rare opportunity that we get all six Nevill’s together, and so, when it does happen, we tend to go all-out. Bali was no exception. I share this with you, not to brag, but to share the wonders of the world that I’ve been so lucky to witness. We did so many fantastic things on this journey, it would be impossible to fit it all into one post. So instead, I’m splitting it into three, all of which will be shared with you this week. Check back on Thursday for the second installment on our Bali adventures! But first…

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