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#TBT – Exploring “Icetown” Harbin, China 2013

It’s been a while since I have written a throwback post on a vacation that occurred  in the P.B. era (pre-blog). The last one was in February, when I wrote about Christmas in Dubai back in 2009 (That post is here if you’re interested!) It’s now October and it felt like time…so today, we’re revisiting 2013 P.B. That winter, I found myself in “Icetown” Harbin, China.

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The Girl From Everywhere at Beijing Temple | From the post "#TBT Beijing China 2013" | | Travel Blog

#TBT – Adventures in Beijing, China 2013

As I’ve previously mentioned, I started traveling far before I started blogging. Some of my favorite vacations have occurred in the P.B. time frame (Pre – blog). These worldwide vacations are where my love for travel started & it seems incomplete not to include them in The Girl From Everywhere.

Back in 2013, Brycen, myself & his college roommate packed up & hopped on a plane to Shanghai, where my father was living at the time for work. The three of us, along with my Dad & Co. (Dad, Dee & the two youngest siblings) adventured over to Beijing to explore the historical city.

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