Childhood summers in Egypt

I was in my dad’s office last week, when I noticed for the first time, a set of photo albums on the top shelf of his bookcase that I thought I maybe recognized. I pulled them down and stumbled upon countless photos from the late 90’s, when my dad was working in Egypt and my brother and I were spending our summers there, riding camel-back to the Giza Pyramids and taking Nile cruises to ancient temples. The perfect throwback post, no?!

I’d like to take you back in time, to a decade when N’sync ruled my life, my favorite pair of shoes were jelly and all of our photos were “kodak moments”. Welcome to the 90’s, my friends. Prepare for some truly special fashion choices below…

For anyone who doesn’t know, I spent quite a lot of my childhood traveling. My brother and I would go to school in California with our mom, and then spend all of our holidays visiting our dad in whichever country he was working at the time. In the late 90’s, that was Egypt. It was kind of any kid’s dream destination: we spent our summers riding camels to see the Giza pyramids and the sphinx, taking cruises down the Nile River, exploring ancient temples that housed the likes of King Tut and splashing in the crystal clear waters at the beaches of Sharm El Sheikh. At the time, I was really into those Magic Tree House books, where the kids would go back in time for some wild adventure, and living in Egypt often felt like I was doing that in real life.

Brielle and Brycen in their family apartment in Cairo

Brycen and I in our family apartment in Egypt

The first thing that comes to mind when I think back on the hot dusty summers I spent in Egypt were our trips to see the pyramids. We would drive to the outskirts of Cairo and ride camel-back through the desert until the Pyramids came into view.

Brielle and Dad on a camel to see the pyramids Briell and Dad on a camel to see the pyramids part 2The Giza PyramidsThe sphynx

We also made a tradition of taking a cruise along the Nile River. We would pass through small shack-filled villages and wave at the kids playing in the bank of the water (which always freaked out my brother and I, because our dad had told us that the area of the Nile we were in had hundreds of crocodiles…I still don’t know if that was actually true or if he was just trying to keep us from getting too close to the side of the ship).

Brycen, Dad & Brielle on the Nile Cruise Ship

Hey dad, nice short shorts

The cruise would stop each day, allowing us to venture back on land and explore ancient temples inscribed ceiling to floor with fading hieroglyphics and hand carved art. Statues of kings would tower over my head and mummies filled the inner tombs (no pictures inside, unfortunately). Incredible sights to see.

A towering statue of an Egyptain King in the outdoor patio area of a crumbling Egyptian Temple Brielle, Dad & Brycen smiling in front of the entryway to a templePillars and statues in Egyptain temples, carved top to bottom with hierogplyphic images A wall of hieroglypics, this time in fading colors, of a man presentign a gift to a man with an eagle head

Brielle and Brycen smiling at the bottom of a pillar in a temple

In 1999, we were joined by my stepmom’s family for a summer vacation. We returned to the pyramids with our guests, because who visits Egypt and doesn’t see the pyramids?

Brielle and family members "walking like an Egyptian" in front of the pyramids Brycen, Brielle and cousin smiling in a courtyard with pyramids in the background

We then went to our favorite beach spot in all of Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh. We spent our days swimming in the red sea, playing marco polo in the pool and failing desperately to not burn to a crisp in the harsh African sunlight.

Beach huts in Sharm El Sheikh Brielle, Brycen and cousin swimming in the pool with floatie noodles The pool at the resort in Sharm El Sheikh

It feels like a dream sometimes, looking back on my childhood adventures, I think because I was so young, and my memories of the place are a collection of my own recollections, stories I’ve been told and these pictures I’ve now found. Egypt is one my favorite places I have ever been, and I dream of going back one day to see city of Cairo and all of the sites we visited. Maybe keep an eye out for an up-to-date Egypt post one day…

TGFE Signature 17

Brielle on the deck of the Nile Cruise Ship

Uni-brow game SO STRONG

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