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Road Trip Recap {I’ve Moved To…..}

Change, change, change. I feel like I’m always going on and on about change on here. How often am I going to type the words, “My life is changing” and that “I’m excited about it” or “It’s over and it was amazing”. And yet, here I am again: I moved! My life has changed. And the move “is over and was amazing” and “I am excited about it”.

The post graduation, pre adulthood stage of life is an arduous time frame, one that most hope is short-lived. I spent the last six months of my life in limbo, living out of moving boxes in the man cave that used to be my childhood bedroom. Six month is a long time to feel in limbo. Six months is a long time to wake up on a futon in your childhood bedroom. Six months is a long time to wake up wishing I was starting my career already. So, yes, it’s a little unoriginal for me to say “I’m excited” for the next step, but I think I am fully justified.

At the beginning of the month, I finally moved on to the next step in life. I packed the few things I have to my name (four years on a college budget and a year and 1/2 abroad leads to a life of minimalism) into my Chevy Malibu and started a one way trip to Dallas, Texas.


My mom and I (Bless her soul for committing to 24 hours in a car with me. Da real MVP) made our first stop Vegas, because when you can choose between stopping in LA or stopping in Las Vegas, you add an hour to your drive and stop in Sin City.

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We enjoyed a stunning dinner at the top floor of the Paris Resort in the Eiffel Tower Restaurant overlooking the strip. We had wine, caramel brûlée, and watched the Bellagio fountain show from 30 floors up, and ended our evening at a Cirque Du Soleil show.



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The following morning, we were up early to make the stretch to the Hoover Dam, which also happens to lie on the state line between Nevada and Arizona.


A few more hours south and we were fully into Arizona and approaching the Grand Canyon, which was draped in snow and absolutely breathtaking.



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The best part of the drive was easily Flagstaff, Arizona, which was an idyllic winter wonderland. Nothing signifies “Dorothy, we aren’t in California anymore” quite like snow.

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By the third day, though, we were beyond over the trip and ready to arrive in Dallas. 24 hours in a car does things to your brain that even a Serial Podcast marathon can’t fix. We pressed on throughout the day, with as few stops as possible, until we finally drove up to the house.


We had arrived.

I had arrived. I was no longer in limbo.

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