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Baltimore, Maryland {March POTM}

Around six weeks ago, I started my new job with IBM (and I’m only posting about it now because hellooooo procrastination). We were sent to Baltimore for our first two weeks for training. We were kept pretty busy during our time there, with long days of workshops and late evenings spent on group projects, which is why I don’t think the trip warrants a full blog post. You want to know what happens at IBM New Hire Training? Pretty sure we are hiring. 😉

We did manage to wander out into the city in the evenings, though, and although Baltimore isn’t exactly my favorite city I have visited (to be fair, I didn’t get to see much of it, so that could be a very premature judgement), the immediate area we were in was fantastic. We stayed just above the harbor in downtown, which meant right when we finished training for the day, we could walk around the waterfront and watch the sun sink behind the ships and then melt away into the water. It was easily the prettiest part of the day.

That’s where this month’s Picture of the Month comes from. One stunning evening from the Baltimore Harbor on a February night. My intent was a grab a photo of the sunset, which looks liked this that evening:

Balitmore Harbor Sunset

I love the image above because it looks so peaceful and calm. I particularly like the soft glowing light coming from the dock toward the bottom of the photo. Just before I snapped this, though, I turned around a took a picture from the same spot, but of the city skyline…it was facing away from the sunset, but captured more of what was truly Baltimore to me, which is why I selected that as the Picture of the Month instead. As per usual, image details below:

LOCATION: Balitmore, Maryland
DATE: Mid February 20th, 2017CAMERA: iPhone 7+
EDITING: VSCO filter c8

Not my best photography work, but with how busy I was, I forgive myself. Here’s hoping I can figure out how to capture my work trips a bit better in the future!

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